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GoVenture Health


GoVenture Health delivers many cross-curriculum learning outcomes in a single learning experience. Curriculum outcomes that are normally difficult and time-consuming to accomplish can be delivered in an easy and enjoyable way.
Omni Intermedia Awards: Silver Award Winner

GoVenture Health received a silver award in the Education category with a score of 9.2 out of 10.

Complement a textbook or completely replace it and save tens of thousands of dollars across multiple grade levels. GoVenture Health is versatile and comprehensive:

  •  59 Subjects

  • 288 Topic Pages

  • 100,000 Words of text

  • 1,000 Photos and images

  • Hundreds of games

  • 300 Learning Outcomes

  • Hundreds of hours of fun and learning

All Topics for All Readers

GoVenture Health covers over 50 fundamental subjects using the Easy Reading™  writing style and hundreds of games and activities, such as crossword puzzles, word searches, matching games, memory games, flash cards, action games, and more.


GoVenture Health uses a new and innovative format for delivering educational content.  Best described as a gamified ebook, or more precisely a gamified photobook, content is presented in a highly visual way and supported with engaging interactivity.

  • Text and graphics are displayed together in photobook style.

  • Learners are rewarded at every step of their journey by earning points and achievements that motivate them to continue their progress.

Modular and Flexible

Designed to offer modular and flexible micro-learning experiences, learners can easily move in, out, and between various topics, text, games, and activities.

Progress can be saved and resumed at any time. Performance reports are updated in real-time and can be reviewed by learners and submitted to the instructor in print or electronic form.

Topics and Standards Covered

GoVenture Health aligns with the US National Health Education Standards 
and it delivers most of the learning outcomes and life-skill expectations found in Canadian provincial health education curricula 

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