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GoVenture Health

Easy Reading™ Writing Style

Easy Reading is a structured writing style used in certain MediaSpark-GoVenture products that makes text more accessible to readers of all literacy levels. It makes reading easier for those who have trouble reading, while at the same time keeping the text interesting for strong readers.

Characteristics of the Easy Reading writing style include:

  • Logical and well organized

  • Active voice

  • Short sentences, paragraphs, and sections

  • First sentence of each paragraph is bold and summarizes the text underneath it

  • Frequent use of bullets and lists

  • Use of commonly-known words

  • Consistent use of the same words instead of synonyms

  • Basic punctuation

  • Careful use of numbers

  • Average Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of 7

  • Larger font sizes

  • Several other design and style nuances

Text may also be presented in a photobook style that makes reading more inviting and visually engaging.

Programs that use the Easy Reading writing style are much more accessible to readers of all levels.

GoVenture Health

Content for GoVenture Health was researched and written by the MediaSpark team. The MediaSpark team is highly experienced at rigorously researching and creating content for education.

Subjects and topics are presented using generally accepted principles of health and wellness. Hundreds of credible sources are used as references. Efforts are made to present content in a way that is free of bias or subjective opinion (or to explicitly include the source of this information), and to cross-reference information with multiple sources for accuracy.

Despite MediaSpark's efforts to deliver high-quality content, we understand that some users may have their own content preferences and may desire to conduct their own quality reviews. We encourage such reviews and have made a fully-working trial version freely available to allow for a thorough review of the content prior to determining if GoVenture Health may be a fit for you. Note that GoVenture Health also includes a feature that allows for individual subjects to be hidden, if desired.

We invite you to try the free online trial or to contact us if you wish to conduct a content review.

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