GoVenture Health

Gamified Ebook for Health & Wellness Education

288 health and wellness topics presented in beautiful photobook style with an interactive body designer, hundreds of mini games, and integrated quizzes that reinforce student learning. Ages 10 to adult.

Aligns with health education standards
Instructor dashboard with student assessment
Very affordable — complement a textbook or completely replace it

Works on computers, Chromebooks, and tablets


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PDF Book Included Free

In addition to the gamified ebook, the main content is also included in Adobe PDF format. The 400-page PDF book serves as a useful reference that is keyword searchable and compatible with Adobe PDF "Read out loud" for full accessibility. The PDF book is included free with the gamified ebook.

Adobe PDF (3MB)

You may also choose to purchase a full-color, 450-page, softcover printed book. Find out more on our prices page by scrolling down to Print-based Products — 


GoVenture Health uses a new and innovative format for delivering educational content.  It is best described as a gamified ebook, or more precisely a gamified photobook.  Content is presented using a highly visual style and supported with achievements, rewards, and engaging interactivity to encourage reading and understanding.

  • Text and graphics are displayed together in photobook style.

  • Learners earn points and achievements at every step in their learning journey, which encourages them to continue their progress.

  • Designed to offer modular and flexible micro-learning experiences, learners can easily move in, out, and between various topics, text, games, and activities.

  • Progress can be saved and resumed at any time. Performance reports are updated in real time and can be reviewed by learners and submitted to the instructor in print or electronic form.


GoVenture Health is designed to reward learners at every step of their journey. By earning points and achievements, learners are motivated to continue their learning. Learners can also share their achievements with friends, family, and instructors. Rewards include:

  • Points earned as text is viewed.

  • Gold coins earned for taking optional quizzes after reading topic sections.

  • Achievements and points earned for playing games. Games can be repeated to earn more points and improve high scores.

  • And more!

Modular and Flexible

GoVenture Health is designed to offer modular and flexible micro-learning experiences. Learners can explore content that piques their interests, or be directed by an instructor to specific topics and activities. Learners can easily move in, out, and between various topics, text, games, and activities.


Progress can be saved and resumed at any time. Performance reports are updated in real-time and can be reviewed by learners and submitted to the instructor in print or electronic form.

Student Progress and Assessment

Student progress and assessment are completely automated, making it easy for instructors to monitor individual student success.

  • Each topic in GoVenture Health includes a 3-question quiz. Students must answer all three questions correctly to pass the quiz. Students can repeat the quiz until they are successful. Some questions may change each time the quiz is repeated. There are over 200 3-question quizzes in total (one for each topic).

  • All student activity is automatically tracked in real time and displayed in the Performance Report.

  • The Performance Report shows topics read, quizzes completed, games played, points scored, and achievements earned.

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Topics and Standards Covered

GoVenture Health aligns with the US National Health Education Standards 
and it delivers most of the learning outcomes and life-skill expectations found in Canadian provincial health education curricula 

Body Systems

Cells and DNA

Cardiovascular System

Digestive System

Endocrine System

Immune System

Integumentary System

Muscular System

Nervous System

Reproductive System

Respiratory System

Skeletal System

Urinary System

The Senses



Healthy Relationships


Abusive Relationships


Substance Abuse & Addictions





Mental and
Emotional Health




Eating Disorders



Personal Care

Fitness and Exercise

Personal Hygiene

Dental Health





Environmental Health

Safe Drinking Water

Food Safety

Waste Management




Community Health

Public Health

Health Careers

Understanding Media


Health Information

Disease and
Chronic Illness

Chronic Disease

Infectious Disease


Sexually Transmitted





Alzheimer Disease


Human Development

Personality and



Physical Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Teen Pregnancy

    and Parenthood


Injury Prevention and Safety


Violence Prevention

First Aid

Workplace Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety

Internet Safety

Topics can be disabled to limit access to age-appropriate learners.

Online or Local Install

GoVenture Health is available in two versions:

  • An online version in the cloud that plays in a browser on computers, Chromebooks, and tablets — all modern operating systems.

  • A local version that can be installed on local hard drives and shared network drives without need for Internet access. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh OS X. 

Compare the two versions to choose the best option for you.